MealCare is a student-founded non-profit dedicated to reducing food waste and food insecurity across Canadian communities.


MealCare volunteers go to various food vendors in order to pick up their food waste. Currently MealCare does not have an effective way to track how much waste they collect, nor do they have an effective way to report their efforts to the food vendors themselves.

We're working with MealCare to create a mobile app that allows volunteers to enter the food waste they pick up at each stop, as well as a web dashboard that allows MealCare to analyze their data in-depth and report it to the food vendors they've partnered with.

Project Team

Yue Dai
Product Manager

Tyrone Wong
Product Manager

Developers: Alice Kang, Geoffrey Kim, George Kandalaft, Philip Tam, Robin Leman, ZhaoDong Wang, Zhi Rui Guo