Our Mission

Hack4Impact exists for both nonprofits and students. We connect student software developers with nonprofits and other socially responsible businesses to develop powerful new tools for social change. This enables nonprofits to further their mission and better engage their clients. We are committed to increasing awareness of technology's potential for good.

Our Values


We are eager to learn about technology, ourselves, and the world around us. We dive deep into our fields of study and work, and seek feedback from our teammates, students, and teachers. We are hungry, yet humble; we are able to set aside our egos and view each moment and interaction as an opportunity to learn.

We are incredibly curious about our clients. We know we might not know everything, so we must ask the right questions to even begin to grasp the complexity of our clients’ situations. Curiosity also enables us to look beyond our immediate vicinity and deliver the best solution to our clients, even if the solution isn’t built by Hack4Impact.


We look to understand perspectives, situations, and needs, and therefore are not afraid of asking or being asked clarifying questions. We make intentional, well-informed decisions by understanding the environments we are surrounded by and deeply listening to our teammates. We are then able to best mentor our own teammates growth because we can see where they are coming from.

Empathy drives every decision we make on behalf of our clients. Our empathetic approach provides a North Star to our development process. We’re able to settle difficult debates by agreeing and executing on what’s best for our client.


We evaluate the trade offs of our decisions, choose a direction to head, and crush our goals. Whether it be personal or professional growth, we avoid mindless movement and instead purposefully act.

We work with intention. We understand that at the end of the day, Hack4Impact exists to build solutions that are right for our clients and their users. We carefully assess the concerns of our users, stakeholders, and clients, to develop a custom solution that fits our precise constraints.

Our Team

Message from our President

"I co-founded Hack4Impact looking to work with incredible and hard-working students while using my skills to do something more meaningful. With Hack4Impact, I’d like to give this same opportunity to our members while pushing them to learn and grow tremendously both personally and professionally."

Albert Kragl '21 |

Tyrone Wong
Co-Founder, Project Manager |

Yue Dai
Co-Founder, VP Technology |

Jad Hamdan
VP Events |

Madonna Huang
VP Sponsorship, Developer

Philip Tam
VP External

Nishat Prova
VP Communications

Zhi Rui Guo
VP Internal

Alice Kang

Celine Huang
Project Manager |

Curtis Lin

Declan Giltz

Geoffrey Kim

George Kandalaft

Jerry Xia

Lin Xiao Zheng

Pauline Swen

Sophearah Suy-Puth

Sym Piracha

Ted Spare
Project Manager |

Xin Rui Li

Yi Fang

ZhaoDong Wang


Aidan Sullivan
Developer |

Alexander Asfar

Ali Shobeiri
Co-Founder, VP External |

Emma Eagles
VP Internal |

Gwynette Labitoria

Hope Kelly
Developer |

Idil Ates
Project Manager

Kira Noel

Michel Majdalani

Thomas Wright
Developer |